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Malta Cuba Society
14/8, Vincenti Building, Strait Street, Valletta


Press Release  -  7th July 2011 - Report of the AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the the Malta Cuba Society was held on Wednesday 22nd of June this year.

This meeting the  administrative and financial reports for the year 2010 were approved and was also approved by those present a resolution of support and solidarity with Cuba on the issues of the United States embargo against this sovereign state, support for the resolutions passed at the 6th Congress of the Communist party of Cuba, and the condemnation of the  unjust incarceration  of the Five Cuban Heroes, accused of espionage when in fact they were only defending their country from terrorism..

In his address to the meeting Micheal Camilleri President of the association stated that next year the association will celebrate the 3oth Anniversary from its’ founding. And for this occasion the President of ICAP Kenia Serrano was invited to visit Malta, he went on to congratulate those members who were involved in the setting up of the Malta Cuba Co-operative (KMK) which will strengthen the commercial relations between Malta and Cuba. Mr Camilleri continued saying that in 2010 the association had again participated in the Jose Marti Voluntary Work Brigade this being the fourth consecutive year, where participants not only help in the light work of collecting fruits and repairs  but  also learn more about Cuba.
Below are the President full address and the resolution approved at this meeting

Presidents Address

I want first of all to thank the outgoing committee for the work performed during the last 12 months. To the new committee, being elected today, I auger success in the preparations, for the celebration of the 30th. Anniversary, from the foundation of our society, which falls in the year 2012. I wish to see another good participation in the annual “Jose Marti” brigade. Let me also express my appreciation for the socio-cultural research and the commercial feasibility work regarding the potential of tourism with Cuba, that were carried out by the Malta-Cuba Cooperative, which was established in 2010 by the participation of a group of members from our society.

The objectives of our society and the aims of the cooperative are very difficult to be achieved in our country, because we are facing a negative perception obscuring the recent history and way of life of the Cubans.
To put this falsity in its true perspective, our members especially the youths should scrutinize every episode of the last 55 years of the Cuban socio-political history. This task helps us also to appreciate the solidarity that the Cuban people deserve for enduring immense hardships in their struggle for real democratic freedom and sovereignty.

The hostile situation developed during the 48 years that the Cuban people have been striving against the barbaric economic blockade, which is still being imposed by the United States, in spite of the continuous annual objections from the United Nations. To add insult to injury, the US spreads propaganda against the Cuban policies and way of life.

The blockade brought nearly total economic/commercial isolation, because the American government threatened to blacklist governments and commercial and maritime companies, that cooperated with Cuba. Without going into more detail, we must remember that this siege was intensified by the famous military attack of the “Bay of Pigs”, and by an infinite series of terroristic activities that included the burning of whole fields of crops, to increase the hardships for the population. Such was the sacrifice endured, and the determination and courage shown by the Cuban people, to overcome the inhuman siege. Meanwhile, we were bombarded with propaganda that the Cubans lack our level of comfortable life, and that they are anti-democratic because they take defensive actions against terrorists. But we are never told that in spite of all those hostilities, the Cubans have the best state health scheme in the world, and that they export doctors and teachers to help countries that need them.

While sustaining these excellent statal health and education schemes, the Cuban government is adjusting other sectors of the social policy in a way to compliment the positive changes that have been registered, and that are expected to result from the progress which is being achieved diplomatically in the international economic/commercial fields. In front of this impressive trend in favour of Cuba, the host-ile approach of the US administration is being gradually relieved.

That strong character and progressive vision of the Cuban government and people encourage us to continue in our endeavour to neutralize that propaganda which gives the false impression of the sovereign Cuban State. Therefore apart from emphasizing the importance of the committee’s communication with ICAP regarding a fitting celebration of our society’s 30th.anniversary, I appeal for all our members` utmost contribution to achieve this goal, and to see our Cuban friends realize the imperative objective of achieving their supreme aspirations.

Malta Kuba Society Resolution.

The Malta Cuba Society welcomes the approval of the Economic and Social Guidelines by the recently held 6 th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, and deems the changes resulting from the discussions, as another step forward in the long line of achievements that the Cuban Revolution has brought about for the large majority of the Cuban population.
The proposals for these changes came directly from the Cuban people themselves, and were discussed, and where necessary modified,  in a transparent process, and were finally approved by the delegates of the Congress. The changes adopted at this congress will take the revolutionary process a step further towards more progress based on the principle that the people with the party at the front determine the country’s destiny.
 As a positive result of this outcome, the social and economic conditions, in Cuba will continue to improve, and thus, benefitting the heroic people of Cuba.
The Society takes this occasion to salute Comrade Fidel Castro Ruiz and wish him long life in his new role as “a party member, a soldier of the ideas

The economic blockade imposed on the Cuban people by the United States on the 7th of February 1962, under the “Kennedy Administration” has now nearly reached the 50 years mark.
These economic sanctions which were on numerous occasions condemned widely by the UN General Assembly, comes from a now outdated Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. This embargo which is now an anachronism, serves only as a direct threat on the Sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba. We call on President Obama and appeal to him to take a humanitarian approach towards this issue, and put an end, to this cruel embargo, which has brought great hardships on the Cuban people

As in Previous years the Malta Cuba Society voices its protest against the illegal imprisonment of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Lebanino, Fernando Gonzales, and Rene Gonzales, known as the Cuban Five for their anti terrorist activities within the Miami based, criminal Cuban exile group who continuously commit acts of terrorism on the island of Cuba.
When the FBI requested from Cuba information about the terroristic acts committed by this group, the US authorities instead of arresting the culprits charged and imprisoned the Cuban Five for espionage. in a very biased and unfair trail held in Miami.
We join up with Amnesty International, Eight International Nobel Prize winners, 110 Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, Deputies from the European Parliament who in December of 2006 signed a draft resolution asking the US to give visiting rights to relatives, and other non-political organisations to call upon their release, Again we appeal to President Obama to stop this injustice and release these five Cuban Heroes, whose only crime was exposing terrorists.

Download or view Press release in Maltese from here

Press Release  -  22nd January 2010

In 1982 the United States included Cuba in the list of “state sponsors of international terrorism”. New additional economic sanctions and isolation of the country and its citizens, were imposed on that assumption against the Cuban state.

In the last decade, there were nine consecutive votes taken every year with overwhelming majority in the United Nations assembly, in favour of the removal of the blockade and the sanctions against Cuba.

Those votes form a clear message expressing the worlds’ solid objection to the sanctions, because the US assumption is not convincing and was never substanciated. It is also the international community vote of solidarity with the Cubans, who have been confronting foreign terrorism themselves.

The repeated vote means that nearly all the nations are determined in their disagreement with the US government classification of Cuba as a “sponsor of international terrorism”.

It is ironic that in spite of this international opinion, it was announced that the United States special security measures adopted on 5th. January, are to be applicable to travellers arriving from Cuba.

This decision is also incompatible with the recent statement from the US secretary of state, thanking the Cuban government for opening its airspace to aircraft with emergency help to the natural disaster zone of Haiti. In fact that assistance is an extension of the Cuban humanitarian policy, through which for several years before this mishap, Cuba had hundreds of doctors and health staff working in Haiti.

Declaring our wholehearted solidarity with this Cuban cause, Malta - Cuba Society calls on the United States authorities to be sensitive to the UN messages and to their own secretary of state`s opinion, and remove Cuba from the notorious list.

Micheal Camilleri
Malta – Cuba Society

Stqarrija Stampa w Xandir  -  22 ta Jannar 2010

Fl-1982 l-amministrazzjoni ta l-Istati Uniti nkludiet lil-Kuba fil-lista ta “state sponsors of international terrorism”. Sanzjonijiet ekonomici addizzjonali u l-izolament tal-pajjiz u c-cittadini tieghu, gew imposti fuq dik l-impressjoni Amerikana kontra l-istat Kuban.

Fl-ahhar dicenju, l-assembjea tal-Gnus Maghquda vvotat kwazi unanimament kull sena ghal disa snin konsekuttivi, favur it-tnehhija tal-imblokk ekonomiku u tas-sanzjonijiet kontra Kuba.

Dawk il-voti jifformaw messagg car tal-opinjoni dinjija kontra s-sanzjonijiet, ghax l-impressjoni tal-Istati Uniti mhix konvincenti, u qatt ma giet sostanzjata.
Il-kommunita nternazzjonali esprimiet dak il-vot qawwi b` solidarjeta mal-Kubani, li ilhom huma nfushom ihabbtu wicchom mat-terrorizmu minn barra l-pajjiz.

Dak il-vot ripetut ifisser li kwazi l-pajjizi kollha huma determinati fid-dizapprovazzjoni tagh-hom, ghall mod li l-gvern tal-Istati Uniti kklassifika lil-Kuba bhala “sponsor of international terrorism”.

Ironikament, minkejja din l-opinjoni nternazzjonali, thabbar li l-mizuri ta sigurta specjali addottati mil-Istati Uniti fil-5 ta Jannar, huma applikabbli wkoll ghall passiggieri li jaslu minn Kuba.
Din id-decizjoni hija nkompatibbli wkoll mal-istqarrija tas-segretarja tal-istat Amerikana, li recentement irringrazzjat lill-gvern Kuban talli fetah l-ispazju tal-ajru tieghu ghat-titjiriet b` ghajnuna ghaz-zona tad-dizaztru naturali f`Haiti. In fatti dak il-gist huwa estenzjoni tal-politika umanitarja Kubana, li biha ghal hafna snin qabel din id-dizgrazzja, Kuba baghtet mijiet ta tobba u paramedici jahdmu f`Haiti.

Waqt li niddikjaraw is-solidarjeta shiha taghna ma din il-kawza Kubana, s-Socjeta Malta-Kuba tindirizza lil-awtoritajiet ta l-Istati Uniti biex ikunu sensittivi ghal dawk il-messaggi tal-Gnus Maghquda u ghal opinjoni tas-segretarja tal-istat taghhom stess, u jnehhu lil-Kuba mil-lista degradanti.

Micheal Camilleri
Ghaqda Malta-Kuba

16/02/09 - Laqgha Generali tal-Ghaqda Malta-Kuba u Kumitat Gdid

L-Ghaqda Malta-Kuba tellghat il-laqgha generali biannalli ghal perjodu 2007-09 nhar il-Gimgha 6 ta’ Frar 2009.  Fir-rapport ta’ Hidma ghall perjodu 2007-09, tissemma l-partecipazzjoni tal-Ghaqda  fil-Brigata Jose Marti -  attivita anwali fejn l-fuq min 150 zghazagh ewropew jiltaqghu flimkien sabiex jaghmlu xoghol volontarju u jsiru jafu l-Kuba b’mod uniku. L-ghaqda ippartecipat  fl-edizzjoniet 2007 u 2008,  f’ta’ l-ewwel b’zewg brigatisti u  s-sena l-ohra bi tlett partecipanti.

Xoghol iehor f’dan il pejodu kien  l-izvilupp ta’ sit elettroniku tal-ghaqda  Fiha nsiebu kemm  taghrif dwar l-Ghaqda  u  kif  wiehed jista’ jissieheb bhala membru  kif ukoll  taghrif generali dwar Kuba. Jidhru ukoll avvizi dwar avvenimenti bhal konferenzi  li jkunu sejrin isieru Kuba u li jistghu ikunu ta’ nteress ghal persuni specjalizzati Maltin, bhal ricerkaturi, xjenzjati, ghalliema, eccetra.  Rokna interessanti  li qajmet interess  hija t-taqsima  li fiha jidhru r-riflessjonijiet ta’ Fidel Castro.

Fid-dawl tal-urugani li laqtu lil-Kuba fl-2008, l-ghaqda hejjiet kampanja publika ta’ gbir ta fondi li wasslet sabiex ingabret is-somma ta’ € 705.  Permezz ta’ Victor Degiovanni, l-ghaqda hadet sehem fil-Laqgha tal-Ghaqdiet ta’ Solidarjeta ma’ Kuba mill-pajjizi tal-Ewropa u pajjizi ohrajn. Din il-laqgha saret Terni - Italja -  f’Ottubru 2008.  

L-Ghaqda eleggiet ukoll il-kumitat ezekuttiv taghha ghas-snin 2009-11. Il-kumitat huwa maghmul kif gej :

: Michael Camilleri
Segretarju: Mario Mifsud
Ufficjal Relazzjonijiet Pubblici: Andre’ Damato – li fliemkien ma’ Maria Catania  jiffurmaw il-Unit ghar-relazzjonijiet publici.
Tezorier: Christopher Camilleri – li fliemkien ma’ Bernard Darmanin u Daniel Muscat jiffurmaw il-Kummissjoni ghal-fund-raising.
Kummissjoni Internazzjonali : Victor Degiovanni u David Pisani

Andre’ Damato
Ufficjal Relazzjonijiet Pubblici

General Meeting of The Malta Cuba Society and the new Committee

The Malta Cuba Society held the biannual general meeting for the years 2007 – 2009 on Friday, 6th February, 2009.  The report for the period 2007-09 included the members’ participation in the Jose-Marti Brigade – an annual activity where more than 150 European youths come together to carry out voluntary work, socialise with Cubans as well as learn about Cuba and its culture. The Society participated in this activity in 2007 with the involvement of two participants and in 2008 in which three members took part.

Another achievement during the last two years was the launching of the Malta Cuba Society website: . In the website one can find information and history of the Society, how one can become a member and general information about Cuba. The site also includes events and conferences related to Cuba which can be of interest to researchers, scientists, educators amongst other intellectuals. A particular area in the website which raised curiosity was the section which includes reflections made by Fidel Castro.

With regards to the hurricanes which hit Cuba in 2008, the Society organised a fund raising campaign which raised the sum of €705. Thanks to Victor Degiovanni, the society was also participated in a meeting of the International Organisations of Solidarity with Cuba organised between countries in and outside Europe. This meeting took place in October 2008 in Terni, Italy.

The Malta Cuba Society also appointed the executive Committee for the years 2009 -2011. The Committee was elected as follows:

President: Michael Camilleri

Secretary: Mario Mifsud

Public Relations Officer: Andre’ Damato – in collaboration with Maria Catania which form part of the Public Relations Unit.

Treasurer: Christopher Camilleri – in collaboration with Daniel Muscat and Bernard Darmanin which form part of the Fund-raising Committee.

International Relations Commission: Victor Degiovanni and David Pisani.

Andre’ Damato
Public Relations Officer
00356 79370523

Press Release - 09/01/09 - Laqgha ta' Solidarjata ma' Kuba

Laqgha ta' Solidarjata ma' Kuba

Nhar is-sibt 17 ta’ Jannar sejra tittella attivita ta’ Solidarjata mal-poplu Kuban. Din l-attivita sejra tkun organizzata mill-Ghaqda Malta-Kuba, u sejra ssir gewwa s-60A, Triq id-Dejqa, Valletta.

Matul l-laqgha sejra ssir prezentazzjoni dwar il-partecipazzjoni tad-delegazzjonijiet Maltin fil-Brigata Jose Marti, u attivitajiet ohrajn li tellghat l-ghaqda matul l-ahhar sena. Is-sena 2009 hija it-tielet sena li fiha Maltin sejrin jiehdu sehem fil-Brigata Ewropeja Jose Marti. L-Ghaqda ukoll organizzat gbir ta' fondi sabiex tintbaghat ghajnuna lil dan il-pajjiz li s-sena l-ohra sofra minn hsarat konsiderevoli kagun ta' tlett uragani Gustav, Ike u l-Paloma.

Huwa mistenni wkoll li l-ambaxxatur ta’ Kuba ghall-Malta, l-Eccellenza tieghu is-Sur Rodney Lopez Clemente jkun f’pajjizna.  F’dak il-kaz l-eccelenza tieghu sejjer jippartecipa f’din l-attivita u jtella diskors qasir.

L-attivita se tibda fl-ghaxra ta' filghodu u mistennija tiehu madwar sghatejn.  Sejjer jintwera wkoll materjal awdio-viziv relatat mat-tema tal-attivita.  Ghalliema, professuri, akkamedici, research officers u intelletwali ohra maltin huwa mistienda sabiex jattendu.  Membri tal-istampa, xandir u l-publiku in generali wkoll huma mhegga sabiex jattendu. Attendenza hija b’xejn. Sejjer ikun hemm ukoll xi bibiti wara l-attivita.

Wiehed ghandu jaccessja s-sit tal-ghaqda ghall-ahhar dettalji dwar din l-attivita jew icempel fuq 79283716 ghall iktar informazzjoni.

Cuba Solidarity Meeting

A solidarity meeting with the Cuban People will be organized on Saturday the 17th of January. This activity is being organised by the Malta-Cuba Society and will be held at 60A, Strait Street, Valletta.

The meeting will consist of a presentation regarding Maltese participation in the Jose Marti Brigade and other activites carried out by the organisation during the last year.  The year 2009 is the third consecutive year in which participants from Malta will take part in the Jose’ Marti European Annual Brigade. The Society also collected funds to send humanitarian assistance to Cuba, which last year experienced three devastating hurricanes the Gustav, Ike and Paloma.

It is expected that the ambassador of Cuba to Malta, His Excellency Mr. Rodney Lopez Clemente will be visiting Malta next week. In that case, His Excelency is expected to attend and deliver a short speech.

The activity will commence at 10am and is expected to last around two hours.  Audiovisual material related to the event’s theme will also be shown.  Teachers, professors, academics, research officers and other intellectuals are invited to attend.  Members of the press and the general public are also encouraged to attend.  Attendance is free.  Refreshments will also be served after the activity.

One may access the organisation’s website for the latest details regarding the activity or phone 79283716 for more information

Press Release - 02/01/09 - Messagg fl-okkazjoni tal-50 sena mit-trijomf tar-Rivoluzzjoni Kubana.

L-Ghaqda Malta-Kuba bghatet dan il-Messagg lill Instituto Cubano de Amistad Con Los Pueblos(ICAP) fl-okkazjoni tal-5O sena mit-trijomf tar-Rivoluzzjoni Kubana.

Il-Mesagg iffirmat mill President tal- Ghaqda s-Sur Michael Camilleri, huwa  indirrizat lill Jorge Marti Martinez.  Jifrah lil-poplu u lil Gvern Kuban fl-okkazjoni Tal-Hamsin Sena mit-trjomf tar-Rivoluzzjoni Kubana u rijafferma is-Solidarjeta tal-Ghaqda Malta Kuba ghad-determinazzjoni tal-Poplu Kuban li jzomm iebes kontra l-forzi rejazzonjarji li joperaw mil-Istati Uniti(Kubani ta' Maimi)
L-Ghaqda Malta Kuba tikkundana l-atti terroristici immirati kontra Kuba, mwettqa min elementi kriminali fil komunita Kubana fl-Istati Uniti, u l-Embargo ekonomiku li l-Istati Uniti li kull sena jigi ikkundanat mill pajjizi membri tal-Gnus Maqghuda. L-Ghaqda tawgura li matul l-2009 l-amministrazzjoni l-gdida tibdel din il-politika ta animosta lejn Kuba.

L-Ghaqda tafferma is-solidarjeta taghha mal poplu Kuban kemm moralment u kif ukoll materjalment. Espressjoni ohra ta Solidarjeta mill-Ghaqda Malta-Kuba hi li kull sena tipperticipa fil Brigata Internazzjonali Jose Marti fejn zghzagh Maltin jaghmlu xoghol volontarju gewwa Kuba.

Press Release 18/11/08 - Ghajnuna lil Kuba milquta minn  Tlett Uragani

L-Ghaqda tixtieq tinforma l-publiku Malti li gabret is-somma ta € 685 bhala ghajnuna ghar-rikostruzzjoni tal-hsara li saret f’Kuba bl-uragani Ike u Gustav.

Filwaqt li tiehu l-okkazzjoni sabiex tirringrazzja lil dawk kollha li ghenu sabiex ingabret din is-somma, l-Ghaqda sejra tiddepozita l-flus migbura f’kont   apposta miftugh mill-awtoritajiet Kubani ghal dan il-ghan.

Theggeg  lil awtoritajiet Maltin  sabiex bhal ma ghamlu f’okkazzjonijiet ohra jaghtu sehemhom – minn fondi  ddedikati ghal-izvillup – sabiex tintbghat ghajnuna umanitarja  lil pajjiz habib , li ricentement intlaqat ukoll mit-tielet uragan din is-sena- il-Paloma.

Theggeg ukoll li parti mill-flus li sejrin jingabru mill-Community Chest Fund ghal zmien il-Milied tkun iddedikata ghal ghajnuna lil pajjizi milquta minn disastri naturali ,kkagunati minn tibdiel fil-klima.


16/02/09 - General Meeting of The Malta Cuba Society and the new Committee
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09/01/09 - Messagg fl-okkazjoni tal-50 sena mit-trijomf tar-Rivoluzzjoni Kubana
(.doc version) or (.pdf version)
18/11/08 - Aid to Cuba hit by Three Hurricanes
(.doc version) or (.pdf version)
08/07/08 - Malta Cuba Society Launches Website
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02/11/07 - UN urges US to end Cuba embargo
(.doc version) or (.pdf version)
12/10/07 - Zghazagh Maltin jippartecipaw fil-Brigata Ewropea f’Kuba
(.doc version) or (.pdf version)
17/03/07 - Malta-Cuba Society acclaims resolution in annual general meeting `07
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