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Documentaries about Cuba on DVD available from the Malta Cuba Society

Book documentaries from the Malta Cuba Society for 8 euros each, or all three for 20 euros.
Contact to book your documentary from The Two Islands Productions.

"The Day Diplomacy Died" (33mins)

Cuban state agents speak out about why the Cuban government locked up 75 “independent” journalists, trade unionists and librarians in Spring 2003.

Although Cuba produced abundant evidence demonstrating that the imprisoned 75 so-called dissidents were actually on the US payroll to disrupt Cuban society, the mainstream news media ignored the facts and did not further investigate the real story behind the headlines and the role played by US diplomats in Cuba.


 “One Man’s Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA” (30mins)

This film focuses on the dark side of United States foreign policy and has the potential to become a valuable teaching tool on US attempts to destroy the Cuban Revolution using mercenaries and US taxpayer’s money.
Filmed in Havana with excellent archive material of numerous US covert and direct involvements in Latin America, "One Man’s Story" allows Agee, who betrayed big brother and paid the price, to tell his captivating story.


" Mission against Terror" (50mins)

Critically acclaimed 50-minute film which follows the case of five Cuban
men currently serving long sentences in U.S. jails for trying to prevent
terrorist attacks on Cuba. The film raises the important question: Why are
people who fight terrorism imprisoned in the U.S. while known terrorists are
allowed to walk the streets of Miami freely? 



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