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Circulars from commissioner of voluntary organisations - Malta

Circular 2/09

Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations

 17th June 2009

 To:   Voluntary Organisations


The circular is to bring to the notice of voluntary organisations some information about the Council for the Voluntary Sector which was appointed by the Hon. Minister for Social Policy in September 2008 in terms of the Voluntary Organisations Act (VOA) (2007) Part VIII.

The purpose of the Council is to ‘assist the Commissioner and provide a forum for the voluntary sector and a platform from which to develop cooperation between voluntary organisations and the Government and co-operation between voluntary organisations amongst themselves’. 35 (1)

From these terms of reference it is obvious that the Council is intended by the law to play an important role in the future of the VO (voluntary organisations) sector in Malta and Gozo, representing the interests of VOs with the Government, assisting and consulting with the Commissioner, and working for the general progress of the whole VO sector through initiatives in training and capacity building. It is, therefore, important that VOs should know about their Council.

The members of the Council are:
Mr. Robert Farrugia          Chairperson
Prof. Kenneth Wain           Vice-Chairperson (ex ufficio)
Ms. Grace Attard
Mr. Ian Azzopardi
Dr. Petra Bianchi
Mr. Ruben Buttigieg
Ms. Nora Macelli
Ms. Claudia Taylor East
Mr. Antoine Vassallo
Dr. Kenneth Grech            Minister’s Representative

Having now met eight times over the few months of its existence, set its own terms of reference, and formulated its strategic plan for the immediate future it is now time for the Council to create synergies with the sector. For this purpose it is planning a seminar for the first week in September about which further details will be announced later. It is also hoped that by the end of the Summer the Council will have its own web-site.

So far, the Council has set up three subcommittees:

  1. To consult with the Commissioner on matters involving VOs. This committee has also started work on a code of good practice for the sector.
  2. For strategic planning and direction.
  3. For matters related to EU Funding.    


It has also met with His Excellency the President of the Republic, collaborated with MEUSAC in the election of VO representatives on the MEUSAC Core Group and Sectoral Committees, set up and created the terms of reference for the Board of administrators for the Voluntary Organisations Fund, and is working to extend the benefits enjoyed by VOs enrolled with the Commissioner.

Please use the following e-mail address to communicate with the council;

Prof. Kenneth Wain
Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations           


Circular 1/09

Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations

8th May 2009

To:   Voluntary Organisations


The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations wishes to draw the attention of all enrolled VOs to a circular published by the Broadcasting Authority on 12th December 2008 in the Government Gazette No. 1105 under the title ‘Requirements as to Standards and Practice as to Advertisements, Methods of Advertising and Directions on Public Collections on the Broadcasting Media’. These ‘Standards of Practice’ were formulated after the Commissioner approached the Authority and with the collaboration of the Commissioner of Police.

As you will know your enrolment with the Commissioner automatically exempts you from requiring a police licence in making public collections or soliciting donations. However, your collaboration on the above-mentioned ‘Standards of Practice' is solicited when you are advertising ANY event or activity related to a public collection or donation.

ACTION REQUIRED of Voluntary Organisations:

ensure that your VO Registration Number accompanies the advertisement when the advertisement appears on a television screen or is announced on radio.

Since the Broadcasting Authority directives do not apply to the print media you are also solicited to apply the same principle to advertising in newspapers, magazines, on Internet etc., where your VO number should accompany your advertisement.

These measures are required in the interest of transparency and to begin a new practice of accountability in Malta. They are also in your interest since the quotation of your registration number will set you apart and guarantee the seriousness and honesty of your enterprise. 

Prof. Kenneth Wain
Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations            

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