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Pizza Night with the Malta Cuba Society

You and your friends are invited to join the Malta Cuba Society for a Pizza Night on Wednesday the 31st of August, 8 p.m. onwards. This event is being done in support of the Malta Cuba Society as a fundraising event for the youths participating in the upcoming 2017 study tours with voluntary work in Havana, Cuba.

Place of event: New Wave Lounge, Pjazza Carlo Diacono, iż-Żejtun
Price: €10

For tickets kindly SMS 79370523 or email 

Included: Appetizers, Pizza per person (choices with ingredients below) and glass of wine.

Event attendees include past study group participants, Malta Cuba Society representatives, NGO representatives, Society members, travellers and friends.

Cuban drinks at special prices will be served at the bar.

  The Malta Cuba Society is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (VO/0074), affiliated to the Cuban Institute for the Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)

Those that cannot make it but would like to support this initiative can also send a donation either by sending a cheque to Malta Cuba Society, P.O. Box 35, Sliema or via Internet Banking to BOV account number 11003672013.

  Pizza Choices:

 Margherita (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano)
Capricciosa (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cocktail sausages, ham, mushrooms, eggs, olives, artichokes)
Funghi  (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms)
Marinara (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, mixed sea food)
Quattro Stagioni (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, peas, corn, artichokes)
Napolitana (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, anchovy)
Maltija (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, maltese sausages, ġbejniet, peas, corn , capers, eggs, olives, artichokes)
Quattro Formaggi (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan , blue cheese)
Calzone - Close Pizza (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, eggs)

cuban night

Cuban 5 Campaign

The Malta Cuba Society joins the International Solidarity with Cuba Campaign, in demanding the unconditional release of the four Cubans (Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero,and Fernando González) imprisoned in the United States since 1998 for participating in an antiterrorist operation to prevent acts planned from southern Florida against their country.

After the release of René González, who became the first of the ‘Cuban Five’ to be released from jail after serving his full term and the conditions of his parole, the Malta Cuba Society continues to support the cause for the freedom of the other Cuban heroes so that justice is served and all five men are free and returned to their families and homes.

The Malta Cuba Society is also promoting the ‘Voices for the Five’ website (, a hub of an international coalition of campaigners, solidarity groups, legal professionals, human rights organisations, politicians, trade unions and international personalities, fighting for freedom and justice for the Cuban Five.

The handshake between US President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro, at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa, has recently brought new hopes for the restoration of full diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries. Since 1961, two years after the Cuban Revolution, these relations had deteriorated substantially and have been marked by tension and confrontation including a trade embargo by the US against Cuba.

The Malta Cuba Society which has worked locally for more than 30 years for the promotion of the cooperation and friendship between the peoples of Malta and Cuba, is now working for the development of economic relations with Cuba and has launched the Malta Cuba Cooperative. This initiative has been taken to start working on a number of projects involving Maltese investment in the Caribbean island, as well as the cooperation between the two countries in the health sector.


European Solidarity with Cuba Meeting – Berlin

Participating in the European Solidarity with Cuba Meeting entails a number of expenses for our voluntary organization. You can give a helping hand by either sending a donation or by buying any of the items found in the catalogue included in this newsletter. You can either send a cheque addressed to Malta Cuba Society, P.O.Box 35, Sliema or alternatively you can pay by Internet Banking to BOV account number 11003672013.   Thank you for your support!

After the appeal by the President of ICAP (The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples),  Kenia Serrano, to  participate at the XVI European Solidarity Meeting with Cuba, the Malta Cuba Society announced that it will join this meeting. The European Solidarity with Cuba Meeting, is a biennial occasion in which European Solidarity with Cuba movements get together to hold discussions and work on an agenda to coordinate their work over the next period. This year it will be held in Berlin from the 9th to the 11th of November 2012. This will be another opportunity to strengthen the ties and cooperation with friends of Cuba. During this year’s meeting, items such as the Five Cuban Heroes, the EU common position towards Cuba and media policies will be discussed.
The Malta Cuba Society will send a delegation consisting of two members, who will have the opportunity to give their contributions and strengthen the ties of the local Solidarity Society with its European counterparts as well as well as with the ICAP.


Two Cuban Delegations visit Malta

This year is surely to be considered as a memorable one for the members of the Malta Cuba Society. Back in January 2012, the new Cuban Ambassador to Malta Her Excellency Mme Milagros Carina Soto Agüero, visited our country on a three-day stay, to present her credentials to His Excellency Dr. George Abela, President of Malta.


Elio Gamez Neyra (left), Vice President of ICAP giving a Certificate of Recognition to  Mario Mifsud (right), Secretary of the Malta Cuba Society, on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Malta Cuba Society.


Members of the Malta Cuba Society had the opportunity to meet the Ambassador, residing in Rome, during a number of meetings. The Society also organized a reception on Thursday the 26th of January, in honour of Her Excellency. Here she had the occasion to meet with a number of politicians, government officers, representatives of the cooperative sector, the voluntary sector and other non-government organisations. With them she has discussed a series of possible collaborations between the two countries. During this event, the Ambassador also addressed all the guests present, to express her gratitude to the members of the Society and all those Maltese who promote the friendship between the two peoples.
On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the foundation of the Malta Cuba Society, a delegation from ICAP, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, visited Malta between the 15th and the 18th of April 2012. The delegation consisted of Elio Gamez Neyra, Vice President of ICAP and Roberto Rodriguez Dicks, Director of the European Department of ICAP. They were accompanied by the Political Counselor of the Cuban Embassy for Malta, Dr. Fidel Vladimir Perez Casal. The delegation also had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Maltese Civil Society, including those from the cooperative, the business, the cultural and the trade union sectors, as well as those from the main political parties. The delegation also held a number of talks with Government officers and Ministers during their stay.


Michael Camilleri, President of the Malta Cuba Society , offering a gift to Her Excellency Mme Milagros Carina Soto Agüero, during the reception held in her honour.

The 30th anniversary of the Malta Cuba Society was celebrated with a reception held at the Workers’ Memorial Building in Valletta on the 17th of April, in which the Malta Cuba Society was given a Certificate of Recognition to mark this important occasion. During a short speech in which Mr. Elio Gamez Neyra addressed the guests present for the reception, he thanked the Society for its hard work to promote the friendship between Malta and Cuba on both a cultural as well as on an economic level, and said that the Cuban people appreciate the solidarity which comes from a small and distant island such as Malta.

MCSC Membership

The Malta Cuba Social Club is an initiative of the Malta Cuba Society with the aim of promoting the Cuban culture, history and way of life. It is also involved in  increasing the awareness of the achievments gained and the challenges faced by the Cuban Revolution.

During the last Annual General Meeting of the Malta Cuba Society, held during March of this year, the Statute of the Society has been amended so as to encourage new memberships. In fact apart from the standard membership where the member pays €5 every year and has the right to vote for Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, a new informal membership has been approved. This is known as the ‘Malta Cuba Social Club Membership’ which is free of charge and entitles the Club members to the same discounts on products for sale on the catalogue of the MCSC, as normal members.
Anyone interested in joining the Malta Cuba Social Club has to fill the below form and address it to Malta-Cuba Society, P.O.Box 35, Sliema.
Malta Cuba Social Club - Membership Form

Name & Surname: __________________ ___________________________

Postal Address: ________________________________________________


E-Mail Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Telephone/Mobile Number: __________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________________Occupation______________________________


Vist Cuba - July 2015 - Contact us today on : or 7937 0523

The Malta Cuba Society will be participating in the Jose-Marti European Solidarity camp covering a full two weeks next July, for the sixth consecutive year. The International Work Brigade consists of groups from solidarity and socio-political organisations of several European countries mostly youths. Members of the Brigade spend two weeks in Caimito - Havana as a ‘Brigadista’, working and socialising with Cubans and people from all across Europe. It is a unique opportunity to experience the Cuban Revolution firsthand and show that Cuba is not alone. This event is organised by ICAP (Cuban Association of Friendship with other Nations).

This camp is ideal for students, youths, workers, teachers, political activists and those wanting a different holdiay.

Participants will have the opportunity to see and experience the real Cuba:

  • Visit and work in the Cuban agricultural system
  • Visit primary and secondary schools, art schools, universities and gymnasiums
  • Meet social and political organisations
  • Meet many european cuban-solidarity organisations
  • Visit hospitals and clinics
  • Visit the provinces of Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba
  • Try authentic Cuban cigars, rum and tropical food
  • Visit museums, galleries and beaches
  • Get involved in a range of cultural activities
  • See and discuss the Cuban political system
  • Learn Spanish and Salsa
  • Visit food, tobacco, rum and other small industry factories

Participation in any of the events is non-obligatory. Brigadistas also take part in a full programme of activities including educational and political events plus visits to hospitals and schools to see for yourself the successes of the Revolution. Entertainment is provided at the camp with live bands and dance lessons, whilst excursions to some of Cuba’s fantastic beaches and places of interest are organised. The brigadistas will also stay a weekend at a hotel in Pinar del Rio, an adjacent province to Havana, which also has its distinct characteristics from Havana.

More information can be obtained from the Jose Marti section on the website from here or by emailing or phone/sms 7928 3716 / 7937 0523


Latest Catalogue of CUBA Related Products - from the Malta Cuba Social Club - Click here to download catalogue



Participation in VOs programme on ONE RADIO

Members of the Malta Cuba Society participated in the evening programme - VOs on ONE RADIO

Documentaries about Cuba on DVD available from the Malta Cuba Society

Book documentaries from the Malta Cuba Society for 7 euros each, or all three for 18 euros.
Contact to book your documentary from The Two Islands Productions.

"The Day Diplomacy Died" (33mins)

Cuban state agents speak out about why the Cuban government locked up 75 “independent” journalists, trade unionists and librarians in Spring 2003.

Although Cuba produced abundant evidence demonstrating that the imprisoned 75 so-called dissidents were actually on the US payroll to disrupt Cuban society, the mainstream news media ignored the facts and did not further investigate the real story behind the headlines and the role played by US diplomats in Cuba.


 “One Man’s Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA” (30mins)

This film focuses on the dark side of United States foreign policy and has the potential to become a valuable teaching tool on US attempts to destroy the Cuban Revolution using mercenaries and US taxpayer’s money.
Filmed in Havana with excellent archive material of numerous US covert and direct involvements in Latin America, "One Man’s Story" allows Agee, who betrayed big brother and paid the price, to tell his captivating story.


" Mission against Terror" (50mins)

Critically acclaimed 50-minute film which follows the case of five Cuban
men currently serving long sentences in U.S. jails for trying to prevent
terrorist attacks on Cuba. The film raises the important question: Why are
people who fight terrorism imprisoned in the U.S. while known terrorists are
allowed to walk the streets of Miami freely? 


Reading book available at Malta Cuba Society: Napoleon Bonaparte’s and his Maltese soldiers

When General Bonaparte left Malta to invade Egypt, among the troops of his Army of the Orient were some 400 Maltese, ex-soldiers of the Knights of Malta forcibly “press ganged” by the French. In Egypt, Bonaparte formed them into the Legion Maltaise.

Author Richard Mifsud tells the story of the trials and hardship suffered by the Maltese soldiers in a new book, in English,  entitled “Napoleon’s Maltese Legion”. He also tells the story of some 40 Maltese soldiers who ended up in France where a Depot de la Legion Maltaise was set up.
Just published by KoPri koperattiva ltd, the book is the first of a project by KoPri to produce historical studies.

Ghaqda Malta-Kuba (mob: 7928 3716)

Napoleon’s Maltese Legion is retailing at 10.50 euros
Students and members price from Ghaqda Malta-Kuba 8.00 euros


Żjara mill-Għaqda Malta-Kuba lill-iSpeaker tal-Kamra tad-Deputati 

Delegazzjoni tal-Għaqda Malta-Kuba mmexxija mill-President tal-Għaqda s-Sur Michael Camilleri l-bieraħ għamlet żjara lill-iSpeaker tal-Kamra tad-Deputati l-Onor Louis Galea.  

Din iż-żjara saret f’serje ta’ laqgħat li l-Għaqda qed ikollha ma’ persuni distinti bi preparazzjoni għall-parteċipazzjoni tal-Għaqda fil-Brigata Jose Marti li sejra ssir f’’Kuba f’Lulju  li ġej. 

Din hija t-tielet sena li l-Għaqda Malta-Kuba ser tipparteċipa f’din l-attività annwali li ssir f’Kuba sabiex membri ta’ għaqdiet Ewropej ta’ solidarjetà ma’ Kuba jagħtu l-kontribut tagħhom permezz ta’ xogħol volontarju filwaqt li fl-istess ħin jaraw b’għajnejhom ir-realtà ta’ dan il-pajjiż. 

Matul iz-zjara tagħhom f’Kuba l-voluntiera jkollhom l-opportunità li jagħmlu xogħol fl-oqsma tal-agrikoltura u kostruzzjoni, xogħol utli ħafna, speċjalment meta tqis li s-sena l-oħra Kuba ntlaqtet minn tlett uragani li għamlu ħafna ħsara. 



Castro jimxi fit-toroq tal-Havana - Christopher Cutajar

Nhar il-Gimgha li ghadda l-agenzija tal-ahbarijiet Reuters irrapurtat li Chavez (President tal-Venezwela) stqarr fuq ir-Radju li Fidel Castro hareg f'mixja taht sigurta' stretta gewwa l-Havana. Dan ghamlu wara sentejn li kien ilu ma jaghmel xi dehra pubblika. L-eks mexxej ta' Kuba li llum jghodd 82 sena wasal ukoll biex jikteb lil Chavez (f'wahda mill-ittri li jibghatlu spiss) li sahanitra mar "il-boghod" biex jara sigar li kien hawwel mal-erbghin sena ilu fil-bidu li Kuba bdiet titmexxa tahtu (1959).

Huwa interessanti li wiehed janalizza l-ghaliex ir-rivoluzzjoni socjalista gewwa Kuba irnexxielha zzomm sa issa. Jiena nemmen li whud mill-fatturi kienu l-intelligenza fit-tmexxija, l-investimenti fl-edukazzjoni u s-sahha, u l-kapacita' li jaghmlu l-bidliet necessarji mall-waqa' tal-Kamp Socjalista, ossija il-Hajt ta' Berlin.

Raul Castro, hu Fidel, issa li ghandu t-tmexxija ta' Kuba f'idu, donnu qed jaghti kaz hafna tal-htiega li l-ekonomija tkun aktar produttiva u efficjenti. Il-qasam agrikolu jehtieg li jipproduci aktar ghall-Kubani. L-uragani li kellhom dan l-ahhar servew ta' xkiel mill-akbar, izda xorta d-determinazzjoni fit-tmexxija tal-haddiema tibqa' hemmhekk.

(Fir-ritratt t'hawn fuq - mix-Xellug - Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro)

Kuba zortha f'Lulju li ghaddha. Mort Havana, Santa Clara u Cienfuegos. Ghandhom problemi f'dak li ghandu x'jaqsam trasport, xoghol produttiv u importazzjoni ta' makkinarju teknologiku. Mill-banda l-ohra in-nies jieklu sew, jilbsu sew, ghandhom kura ta' sahha tajba, edukazzjoni li taghti r-rizultati ghalkemm jixirqilha tirrikonoxxi aktar tipi ta' hsibijiet u fuq kollox livell kulturalment ta' l-ghageb.

Fil-hmistax li domt hemm rajt lil Raul jitkellem fl-assemblea nazzjonali (parlament taghhom), fuq it-televixin Kuban. Il-bniedem jidher li mhux biss irid jitkellem fuq il-problemi, izda wkoll jahdem biex isolvihom.

Awguri lil Fidel ghal aktar snin fuq dil-pjaneta. Awguri lil Raul sabiex Kuba tkun aqwa milli halliha huh il-kbir.

Christopher Cutajar - Santa Lucija

Malta Cuba participates in Jose-Marti

For the second consecutive year, last July a group of Maltese will participate in the yearly Jose-Marti Brigade.  This is a Voluntary International Work Team where the participants  spend two weeks in Caimito - Havana, working and socialising with Cubans and people from all across Europe.

Din is-sena 3 membri ta` l-ghaqda Malta-Kuba telghu ghal 16 -il jum Kuba sabiex jaghmlu parti mill-brigada Jose` Marti.
Fost attivitajiet li kelna nsemmu:

  • hidma mal-poplu kuban kemm fil-kamp kif ukoll fl-ghelieqi tal-villagg ta` Caimito
  • konferenzi li jirrigwardjaw l-embargo, relazzjonijiet bejn Kuba u l-Istati Uniti, il-hajja f`Kuba,
  • laqghat mal-grupp taz-zghazagh kommunisti u l-grupp ghal harsien tar-revoluzzjoni.
  • visita` f`rifinerija taz-zejt gewwa l-provincja ta` Cienfuegos
  • visita f`poliklinika u dar ta` l-anzjani
  • kelna zjajjar kulturali fosthom tour Havana, Cienfuegos u Santa Klara
  • ghamilna wkoll zjajjar fil-muzew tar-revoluzzjoni, l-plaza della revolucion, il-muzew u t-tomba tar-revoluzzjonarju Ernesto Che Guevara.
  • kelna bosta attivitajien kulturali anke fil-kamp stess bhal; zfin kuban u lejliet kemm kubani kif ukoll internazzjonali
  • spiccajna bl-ahhar konferenza fejn iltqajna mal-familjari tal- 5 kubani arrestati f`miami.

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